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Avid Venue S3l-x System 16 Brand New Sealed (in Stock)

Avid Venue S3l-x System 16 Brand New Sealed (in Stock)

Avid Venue S3l-x System 16 Brand New Sealed (in Stock)
THE POWER OF AVID VENUE-EVERYWHERE. Go from stage to studio and beyond. But that's not all. Archive shows directly to Pro Tools. Streamline FOH, monitor, and broadcast workflows by sharing the same I/O across multiple networked systems.

You can even set up a mobile recording/mixing studio using just the control surface and Pro Tools on your laptop, making S3L-X the most versatile system in live sound. From major festivals to small clubs, S3L-X gives you the power and flexibility to handle anything. Scale the modular, Ethernet AVB-networked system to accommodate any size performance-from 16-64 mic preamps. Easily fit the control surface into the tightest FOH spaces. And get great versatility, reliability, and value for the stage, studio, and beyond.


Tap parameters on your display to target and assign them instantly to your S3 Channel Control encoders for easy access. Adjust faders and other settings directly on the touchscreen. Plus, the latest software also includes numerous system optimizations and improvements, so you experience even greater performance than ever before.

MIX MONITORS ON YOUR IPHONE OR IPAD-JUST ADDED. Wish you could step away from your console and fine-tune individual monitor mixes on stage? You can even let performers control their own monitor mixes using their own mobile devices. Best of all, it's a free download from the Apple App Store.

It may be small, but it's mighty. From major festivals to clubs with the tiniest FOH spaces, the compact Avid VENUE S3L-X can handle even the most demanding live productions. Mix and record live shows with the utmost efficiency. And easily scale your system to accommodate any size production. VENUE systems are respected for their sound quality. S3L-X is no different, offering professional-grade I/O, transparent preamps, and EQ and dynamics on all outputs. And with direct support for the same plug-ins used in top recording studios, you can easily re-create an artist's signature studio sound live. And eliminate expensive outboard gear and cumbersome external plug-in servers. SET UP A MOBILE STUDIO. You archive every live show. But what happens to the recordings? With S3L-X, you can use the S3 as a standalone control surface with your laptop to remix shows to share with fans or for future commercial release. Not just Pro Tools sessions, but projects created in Logic, Cubase, and other DAWs too. What's more, you even record overdubs and more through the S3's built-in 4x6 audio interface. Forget fussing with bulky analog splits.

With S3L-X, you can share the same I/O across multiple networked systems-without any loss of audio quality. This alone can save you thousands by reducing I/O and cable requirements, set-up time, and transportation costs.

Plus, True Gain technology automatically manages gain compensation to ensure the proper signal levels in each engineer's mix. SCALE UP WITHOUT BEING WEIGHED DOWN.

With S3L-X, you can easily scale the system to meet your needs. Go from 16 mic pres with one Stage 16 box up to 64 with four. Rack your I/O in one location for easy supervision, or place each box closer to sources throughout the venue-up to 328 feet (100 meters) away. And with Ethernet AVB connectivity, all you need are lightweight, inexpensive Cat5e cables, putting an end to expensive, bulky analog snakes. GET QUICK AND EASY USB DRIVE RECORDING.

Don't need a full Pro Tools multitrack session? Get 2-track recording and playback by connecting a USB Flash drive to the E3 engine.

Archive stereo recordings of your board mix. Organize playlists in VENUE software to play pre-show or walk-up music.

You can even integrate audio files with VENUE snapshots and events to trigger spot effects, cues, and music beds for theater performances. When it comes to mixing live sound, being able to present the highest quality audio possible is critical. VENUE software makes it easy. As the common platform across all VENUE systems, it speeds up all aspects of live mixing and recording, eliminating complexity.

So you can focus more on what matters-your mix. But you'll always be prepared with VENUE software at the core of your system. Switch mix settings instantly with snapshot automation. Perform a Virtual Soundcheck using a mix from a previous show's recording as a starting point. And knock out feedback with an army of EQs, filters, and other plug-ins at your disposal.

What can you do to help artists put on a phenomenal show? Give them the same sounds that inspired them in the recording studio-live on stage. VENUE is the only live mixing system that directly supports the same plug-ins used in the world's top recording studios.

What's more, every S3L-X system comes with a pack of studio-coveted AAX DSP plug-ins (see below) to help you present your best mix possible. RECORD STRAIGHT INTO PRO TOOLS.

Experience the most powerful live recording and playback capabilities in the industry. Create a Pro Tools session automatically from your current VENUE show file in seconds-complete with all track names and patching. Record up to 64 tracks.

Control your live mixing and recording rigs as one. And trigger playback with the press of a button. SAVE TIME WITH VIRTUAL SOUNDCHECK.

When sound checks get compressed or scrapped, show time becomes stress time. With timesaving Virtual Soundcheck, you can get a head start on your mix using Pro Tools recordings from a previous night's performance in place of the live mics.

And because it doesn't require the presence of any performer, it's also a great way to prep a show, from programming snapshots to experimenting with different plug-ins. With Snapshots, you can store and recall console and plug-in settings instantly. Set multiple snapshots to handle changes for every song in a set list. Or quickly switch settings for different performers or scenes. You can also trigger time-consuming but frequently performed actions using Events. And get immediate access to all channels in a VCA or group across the console with VCA spill. TAKE YOUR MIX TO GO. All VENUE systems use the same software, so you can load any VENUE show file into any VENUE system and be ready to rock.

This makes it easy to transition from one console to another, like when going from a club tour to a big festival. Just copy your show files to a USB key and load them into any VENUE system. VENUE software adapts the settings to fit within the available hardware and software feature set of the given VENUE system configuration, from S3L-X up to S6L. All of those great-sounding plug-ins that come with your VENUE system? Those are just the start.

To achieve your best mix possible, expand your creative possibilities even further with renowned plug-ins from Avid, Sonnox, McDSP, and other top audio designers. Get unbelievable emulations of modern and vintage hardware processors. Shape sounds to perfection with a wide array of EQs and filters. S3 control surface, E3 engine, Stage 16 remote I/O box, Avid VENUE Software, Pro Tools, VENUEPack plug-ins for S3L-X, iLok USB Key.

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Avid Venue S3l-x System 16 Brand New Sealed (in Stock)